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Hi, I am Eothen ZENG,

a game marketer & designer.

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About me

If you're wondering, my Chinese name is Zeng Zishan(曾梓珊). I have extensive experience in marketing and publishing games. To date, I have completed four internships, actively contributing to titles such as Age of Empires Mobile, Earth: Revival, OnceHuman, Forza Horizon 5, Forza Motorsport (2023), Destiny 2, Detroit: Become Human, Arcadegeddon, and Beatblade.

During my 1st internship at Battlecry Technology Co., Ltd, I served as a Google Ads and TikTok Ads manager.
In my 2nd internship at NetEase Games, I provided marketing and publishing strategies for AAA games on Steam.
In my 3rd internship, I have been interning at ByteDance, working on publishing strategies for Earth: Revival.
Currently, I am working at Timi Market Center in Tencent for the Global Launch of Age of Empires Mobile.

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I am also a Y3 student in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, shenzhen who major in marketing. Can't wait for my graduation!

I also designed and pitched games.

I've created several projects through participating in game jams and a university course. Scroll down for more!

An immersive 2.5D puzzle-solving game. Players control wind to trigger rain and extinguish fire.

A horror-themed, 2D top-down combat puzzle game with the protagonist's limbs chopped off.

My creation includes...

A metroidvania ARPG game. The protagonist must try their best to escape from a secret hospital.

Want to know more about me?

My Skills Include...